Manukau Live Steamers Inc.

Robertson Rd, Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand


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Do you have a small person in your family who is having a birthday soon?

Would you like a different location to hold a celebration?

Manukau Live Steamers has available such a place. We can offer an outside setting with a picnic table.

Inquiries for bookings can be done through the Contact form.

 Party Booking Arrangements

Manukau Live Steamers has special priced tickets that are available for party groups.

Party groups will need to make a minimum purchase of $75.00 which will give the party group 60 rides.

Additional tickets can be purchased as required. $15.00 for a 12 ride ticket. This is a discounted rate off $5.00 per ticket.

We can offer power and hot water if required.

Sorry but there is no EFTPOS facility on site.


We open Sunday's at 10.00am and the trains start operating around 11.00am.

We stop selling train tickets at 3.20pm. Closing time is 4.00pm. You will need to have left the site by then.

If the weather is looking like it could be wet, you would need to contact the people on site. These numbers will be given to you when a firm booking is made.

On the day of your party if the weather is looking doubtful you can phone the clubrooms after about 9.00am on 022 0796914  

A few months planning is helpful, it can ensure a better event. All the MLS members who are there operate the trains do this as their hobby so if the club knows about your party some months in advance there will quite possibly be a better turnout of locomotives giving you a more interesting day.


There are two picnic tables, one either side of the station, with plenty of room around each table for rugs etc. The table on the car park side of the station has several large trees which give good shade. If you have a portable sunshade you which to bring and put up there is room to do so.

There are public toilets on site.

Sorry but the club rooms are Not available for hire.